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Dark is a German TV show which first premiered on 1 December 2017. Now, this TV show is one of the best TV shows I have ever watched and I am sure it will be yours too, just if you are willing to “pour” yourself in this TV series. What I mean is this TV series is filled with mystery, thriller, suspense, and cliffhangers you just name it. It has a very complex story line and when I say complex than not just “complex” complex but Interstellar level complex. You would be wondering what’s happening or trying to figure out what just happened for days to connect the dots. And this is why I said you would have to “pour” yourself into it, So don’t peek around on your phone while watching the episodes, etc or later you wouldn’t get a lick of sense on what’s going on. 

It has 2 seasons with S1 containing 10 episodes and S2 containing 8 episodes. It’s in german language so you have to watch it with English subtitles(considering you may not know german). Now coming to story and cast(i would try my best not to reveal any spoiler).

The story starts when two children go missing in a small German town. Now just because of this few people have started to draw similarities between stranger things and dark but believe me Dark is way better and different than stranger things and c’mon stranger things is a bit over-rated. Now the story revolves around four families who are somehow connected to all this. Now there are five timelines in the story: 1920,1953,1986,2019 and 2052. So it is hard to keep track of all this and all the stories just get crammed inside your head. They have a big cast with 21 main characters, you read it right 21 main characters. It’s hard to create a show with 21 main characters and balance it among 21 main actors giving them the screen time they deserve but the directors, producers, and writers did their job wonderfully. The casting of actors was amazing, they were perfectly casted as their characters. One important thing that I didn’t mention before, that it has time travel and now it may remind you of 11.22.63 but dark is different. Dark has deeply mentioned time travel, time loop, bootstrap paradox and all that, which will make you go all crazy and more attracted to this TV series. This show is good but just because something is complex doesn’t mean it is perfect. The writers have made the show so complicated that sometimes it contradicts itself (though very few people notice the loopholes because of the show complexities). But the show is still amazing and it will blow your mind. The show’s S3 will be released sometime in 2020 and it will be the last season of the show.

The series has an IMDb rating of 8.7/10, Rotten Tomatoes has rated the series as 94% fresh and 96% liked this TV show. Keeping everything in mind I would rate the series 4.5/5. 

And remember one last thing before watching the show: “EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED”

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