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I was a Microsoft Windows fan since childhood as my father bought his first computer in 1996. It was the beginning of the computer era in my city and India also. The first computer he bought had MS-DOS in it which was pretty boring. The screen was all black, there was no UI and games were very lame but I enjoyed it. In 1998 we bought two new computers which had Windows 95 and Windows 98, both have almost the same features and the same UI.

Later we got Windows Me and Windows XP updates which had some big feature and UI changes, the drivers were changed, the animations were changed, even the default theme color and default software were also changed. And I must say, the overall experience was good and satisfying.

Then comes Windows 8.1, I installed windows 8 but that was not good so I downgraded to Windows 7 in one or two weeks. So yeah! as I was talking about Windows 8.1 whose user experience was really good and UI was also changed as compared to XP and 7. I liked the 10th version also and I was happy with it because of its advance looking start button and semi-transparent window animation. The complete experience was on a different level in Windows 10.

When I started working in an IT company, I was allotted a laptop with Ubuntu OS, let’s not get into the details and just say that was the first time I got interacted with any Linux OS. Since working in Linux is very easy for me, I mean you can almost do everything with the terminal by just a command. It was like magic for me in the beginning. I never knew that terminal(cmd in Windows OS) is so powerful and you can do so much with it.

Recently I am using Elementary OS 5.1 Hera which is a Linux distro. This operating system is very similar to macOS, from docker to settings, from the app store to system settings, even the volume indicator feels like you are on macOS. Below are some images in which you can see the similarities.

The store is also similar in many ways. The UI of the app store is also clean just like mac OS and the apps are also limited as we know that Linux has very few apps available. But the best thing about the App Center of Elementary is the support for non-official apps. Let me take one example for you to explain it. Suppose there is no Google chrome app on the App Center and you installed in from the browser itself. There will be a popup stating that “the app is from an unknows source and you will get all the updates from the App Center only, Do you want to install it?”. And after clicking Yes, Wolla! you will get all the update from the App Center only so you don’t have to worry about the update for the application which you have installed from an unknown source also.

One of the biggest system apps we use is File Manager, or My Computer if you use Windows OS. The file manager of Apple is very clean and you can directly switch between folders which are 2 or 3 levels down because you can see a multilevel folder view. A similar File Manager style is available on Elementary OS also. you can get up to 7 levels of the folder and you can easily switch between folders without going back.

One of my personal best features is the picture in picture mode in which you can crop the desired section of the screen and it will overlap all the apps and will be visible to you all the time. This is similar to youtube small screen mode in which the video keeps playing even when you click the back button.

Apart from these features, there are tons of features that I am not able to show in this small read. Features like the multi workspace, parental control, etc are still to come. I will write one more read about this if you guys wanted to know more. Please let me know in the comment section and share this with your friends If you like it.

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