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Corona Virus – Destruction or an Awakening

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Covid-19 is a global epidemic causing 3,300 deaths in its mainland China and an estimated 33,976 deaths all over the world. 1,071 cases are reported till today in our country (India). No vaccine is discovered till now to cure the pandemic but fortunately, 1,51,766 patients out of 7,22,196 are headed to recovery.

The government has taken a harsh decision to lock down the nation to stop the death chain caused by this virus. All the institutions, organizations, industries are shut down. All the activities are put on hold. Economies are falling apart. It has estimated that India’s 21-day lockdown could bring the country’s growth down to 2.5% from 4.5% as estimated earlier. The human cost of this virus is going to be unimaginably high causing an apocalypse, that we have seen so far in doomsday movies. But the reality is way more frightening than fiction. Meanwhile, between all these devastating conditions there is something which is healing, recovering and strengthening itself. What’s that?. That’s Earth. It is well known that each dark situation has a message to be unfolded. With these lockdowns and shutting down of industries and factories, earth has got some time to repair itself. The changes are in front of our eyes. The birds which were once expected to be extinct can be heard chirping nowadays. Venice water canals usually having dark dusty waterways that have turned noticeably more clear as a result of the stoppage of motorboat traffic following the lockdown.

Venice Canals after the lockdown.

The Tatra mountains, a mountain range in Europe can be seen from kroków because the smog has lifted. The air quality has improved and now you can inhale way more fresh and pure air than before. In China, a sharp decline in pollution and greenhouse gases has been recorded as well.

Not only this but the Covid-19 outbreak had also impacted the way of living of the people. It taught us the importance of cleanliness, proper hygiene, and maintaining a pure environment. It brought home the fact that the health of each person is interconnected with that of the other. This outbreak can be an eye-opener for all of us. It made us realize how unjust we are towards our environment. Accordingly, even after the destruction caused by the outbreak, it can be considered as an Awakening for mankind.

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