Which Anime should you watch as a beginner

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If you want to start watching anime, but can’t figure out where to begin, I have some solid recommendations for you.
I am compiling this list based on a few points:

  1. Shonen – Targeted towards young people, is generally light-hearted.
  2. Realistic – Anime is a world of Imagination, once entered, you’ll experience limitless imagination, weird, funny, impossible, crazy things, all of this will be a lot to take in at the start.
  3. Popular – Having watched anime and not being able to discuss it with someone is a struggle of its own.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Death note

    A 37 episode anime depicting the battle of wits between two prodigies. Although not a shonen but more likely mystery genre. It has a cult following, and hundreds of spinoffs. Did I mention it also has two live-action movies?

  2. One-Punch Man
    2 seasons, 12 episodes each (24 total).
    Feeling low? need some confidence boost? Watch OPM (one punch man).
    And don’t forget your daily pushups, situps, squats and run, “ok”.

  3. Samurai Champloo
    Crazy good animation: check
    Uplifting music: check
    Awesome characters: check
    good IMDB rating: check
    with only 26 episodes you must check this gem out.

  4. My Hero Academia
    Contemporary – modern animation style, lots of cool character design, and superpowers(quirks).
    It has a total of 88 episodes from 4 seasons and the anime is still continuing as of March 2020.

  5. Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden
    By now, you should be already hooked and wanting more of anime, It’s time to pull out big guns.
    Naruto is not only one of the parent anime to all modern anime alongside Dragonball, but It is also has a cult following.
    It has a massive 720 episodes from more than 20 seasons, has hundreds of spinoffs, games, franchises.
    bonus tip: google a list of filler episodes before starting to watch this. (thank me later)

  6. Hunter x Hunter
    This 148 episode anime has got just the right mix of humor, dark and some pretty darn good dialogues. The characters are splendidly designed and implemented in a very simple yet mesmerizing story. You can never go wrong with HunterxHunter as your pick as an anime.

  7. One Piece
    More than 890 episodes and still on-going. This one is rarest of rare gems in the anime world.
    My personal favorite, and also happens to be the top-selling manga.
    The only reason it is so much further down in the list is the number of episodes and ridiculous yet funny character design (which will eventually be a good thing, once you start watching).

    Honorable mentions:
    1. Bleach
    2. Full metal alchemist: brotherhood
    3. Seven deadly sins
    4. Fairy tail
    5. Dragon ball super (wouldn’t recommend to new viewers, because dragon ball itself is pretty old, falls behind other newer anime)

Please let me know in the comments, What Shonen anime will you recommend to new anime viewers.
Happy Anime watching. ; )

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