Best Dark(ish) anime for you

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Have you finished watching shonen, and now want to watch something dark(ish), grown-up’s anime that will leave you bewildered, confused yet satisfied?
I got you covered, here’s the list in order from mild to intense :

  1. Cowboy Bebop
    This anime from 1998, a tremendously powerful plot, absolutely beautifully designed and developed characters, good soundtrack for that time.
    The story told in 26 episodes, leaves you feeling heart-to-heart with characters.
    Just make sure to keep a notepad with you when watching this, because you don’t want to miss out on memorizing the awesome “quotes” quality monologues and dialogues.

  2. Code Geass
    Chances are you’ve already watched it, because it is listed as shonen, but believe me the intense storyline, the protagonist’s battle of wits with the enemy and struggle with his own conscience, make this anime wonderful delight to watch.
    It is said to be the closest thing to death note. It has 50 episodes from 2 seasons, 25 each.
    If you haven’t watched it yet, Lelouch Lamperouge commands you to watch it.

  3. Tokyo Ghoul
    Powerful soundtrack, great story, loads of awesome and stylish characters, and loads of gore.
    A very strong depiction of speciesism, a struggle of making right decision between people of own species and people victimized as part of the natural food chain.
    Which comes first survival or conscience? A total of 48 episodes divided between 3 seasons.

  4. Attack on Titan
    Throughout the 49 episodes from 3 seasons, the thrill you experience during each scene, is on another level.
    Gore in this, is on the next level as well, when compared to the above 3, this is the game of thrones of anime in many sense, you’ll know why once you watch it.
    If you’re not strong in the heart, I’d suggest you avoid this, otherwise, this will give you despair as you see humanity losing all its hope before the mighty horde of superior Titans.

  5. Monster
    Another anime similar to death note. In fact, think of death note but on steroids(reality wise), the protagonist is although as smart as a doctor, but unlike L, he is not a genius.
    The antagonist is genius like Yagami alright, but is cracked in the head.
    The story is so mesmerizing and dark, it’ll make you feel nauseated.
    There are 3 parts to the story (ordered from mild to dark) :
    1. Current timeline (the chase).
    2. Antagonists childhood (the part that led to the crazy).
    3. A glimpse inside crazy, sadistic, devil of an antagonist’s head.
    It has 74 episodes.

  6. Berserk(2016)
    This one is a special case. if you’re familiar with gaming terms, then this is hack and slash genre of anime.
    You may watch the anime which has 25 episodes, may not feel it to be all that dark.
    But that’s just an introduction to a path that’ll lead you to an abyss of desperation.
    The path is “Manga”. once you familiarize yourself with characters, start reading manga.
    Gore is highest out of all that are listed.
    disclaimer: and staff associated with it are not responsible for any damage it may deal to your happy go lucky brain.

That’s all, please let me know if I missed any vital information.
Also, what’s your favorite dark anime.
Which one are you planning on watching?
Happy anime watching 😉

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