Book series to keep you company during quarantine

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Here are 5 binge-worthy book series which will keep you from getting bored during the quarantine. All these books are young adult fantasy/sci-fi which hooks you from the very beginning.

This trilogy takes place in a futuristic utopian world where we have concurred almost every negative part of human society and body including death with the help of this AI cloud, Thunderhead, the only problem we are facing is population control since no one can die. So a bunch of people are assigned the job to glean aka kill people. The story essentially follows Citra and Rowen who are under the apprenticeship of Scythe Faraday.

This is young adult fantasy is set in the world of a supernatural race of demon hunters called the shadow hunters. The story follows Clary Fray whose mother goes missing and in order to find her, she needs the help the shadow hunters.

This series is a prequel to the mortal instruments set in Victorian London 1878. The story revolves around Tessa Gray who comes to London for the first time but gets kidnapped. While held captive she realizes that she has powers that far beyond ordinary even for the shadow hunters.

Celaena Sardothien is an 18-year-old notorious assassin who was held a prisoner in the salt mines of Endofvier for a year. Her only chance to freedom is to win a contest held by the king to find a new royal assassin. Her opponents are deadly criminals from across the empire. She must hide her identity and win the contest at any cost.

Set in future these books are a retelling of Disney fairy tales in the coolest way.

You can read all these books for free on Anybooks app.

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