Is being black a crime

Is being BLACK a crime?

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George Floyd. A name must be heard in the past few days, became the victim of racism, and was choked to death by some Minneapolis POLICE OFFICERS with stereotype mentality. A few days back George was caught by the police in the suspicion of using the fake bills to buy a pack of cigarettes. But we are unable to understand the reason behind this crucial act. Was it the suspicion he was caught for? or the SKIN COLOR he was blessed with? Hitting the nail on the head, the backbone of these consequences is the discriminative idea of Superiority of Whites over Blacks. Not only George but there are so many such cases in the past that connect to the idea of the superiority of one over the other, stating the fact that the laws implemented by the government in these matters are nothing else than a dead letter.

Unfortunately after calling us the most intelligent creation of God, we are unable to erase these rearward mentalities from our minds. The point is where these ideas came from? as no school teaches the White-black discrimination neither any religious sermons are found to support these. Though there are small acts of exploitation and harrassment which prove to be the root of this giant tree of racism putting the blacks in the dutch. These small inequitable acts can be dotted in our day-to-day lives also, there are some people in our surroundings who show their hatred in some manner or the other, doesn’t matter if it is a school, college, get-togethers, offices, and even our houses if noticed.

It would be insufficient to limit the word “Racism” to the discrimination based on skin color only. Trolling people for their caste, language, religion, culture, disability, or how a person choose to appear is equally to be blamed. Our ability is judged by the way we look or the way our skin appears to be, And that is the point where we are conquered. A much more beautiful/handsome person is given priority over the other, Why is it so? Don’t we have such idols who shook the mountains and ruled the world even after being born with a darker skin tone. Yeah, it is true that they too have had gone through such criticisms in their lives and that’s what made them a true Legend.

There are so many cases of deaths and suicide by such people who have gone through depression and breakdowns after being criticized for the way they looked. The hardships faced by these victims are ineffable. To lessen the suicidal thoughts and cases of death in the youth, what we have to do is to stick in our minds that “No color has any priority over the other.”

Conclusively, anything which is to be removed on the large scale should first be targetted on the very basic level i.e. if we want the idea of Racism to be vanished we are supposed to tackle it in our daily lives by noticing and opposing the very small acts of cruelty in order to turn the corner.

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