Life in Quarantine.

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Hello Everyone! I hope you guys are doing well in this quarantine season. So I wanna ask, how is your quarantine going? well, I would say mine is going T-E-R-R-I-F-F-I-C! You know why? because I chose to use this time to improve my routine life and to invest in the things and skills I already pursue but haven’t got much time to spent in, earlier before this lockdown. I’m focusing on things like improving my art skills, I try to spend more of my time in prayers and supplications, reading different kinds of books and learning various house chores at the same time. Let me tell you how.

Now when the schools and offices are shut down we’ve got to adjust our works according to our time. I try to spend my early morning time, praying and reciting our holy book, then after I go to my terrace to have a really good and refreshing 15-20 mins of a walk (I would highly suggest you try this).

After the walk, when I’m done with some stuff like getting myself fresh and all, I do some house chores. I usually spend my evening time in reading books, sketching, painting, and writing blogs(one of which you are reading right now).

I try to get all my works done till 9 p.m. and after having a good dinner I try to sleep as early as possible (because early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise). So this was a glimpse of MY LIFE IN QUARANTINE. Not only me, but so many people out there are trying to utilize there spare which is a thing Everyone should do. We see people posting stories of themselves, cooking, cleaning their houses, showing their skills they never thought they had. Celebs sharing videos and photos of them doing various chores and improving their hobbies (while staying in).

Between these lockdowns in which all of us are restricted to our houses, and are asked to work from home, we get a lot of spare time to utilise, still, there are some people who are enjoying their holidays, watching Netflix and chilling all day, wasting the golden opportunity they’ve got to do so much of stuff. We should know that this is the time when we are free to invest in the things we usually neglect in our busy working days. let me give you some suggestions which would help to build a better YOU in this quarantine season.

  • Reading Books: This is the thing I must ask you to do. Reading books not only enhances your literary skills but also helps you to grow your mind.
  • Explore your skills: You are having much time to explore some of your hidden skills. You can try doing some artworks, such as sketching, painting, DIYs, crafting, etc, and other hobbies such as singing, cooking, reading, writing, indoor games, etc.
  • Invest in yourself: You can use this time to furnish yourself. I would suggest you try out some workouts and exercises to strengthen up your body. Maintain a proper diet to improve your immune system(which is also very important at this time of a global epidemic hitting people with poor immunity)
  • Go for the things you are weak at It can be anything, like some people are weak at certain things and also hesitate to work on it, thinking of the end results and the failures. In this quarantine try to overcome that fear. And last but not least.
  • Organize your things: It is the thing every mom wants her kids to do themself. I don’t think this topic needs any further explanation.

Lastly, I’m concluding things by saying that, the time we’ve got is not the time to waste. It is precious to those who understand, BE THE ONE.


  1. Great pointersđź‘Ś
    But how to motivate myself to do all this?
    All I wanna do is lay on bed and play with phone.

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