The Chronicles of Quarantine

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2020 has been a wild ride so far. “Great Events” are being shoved into our face and down to our throats, chocking us. At the beginning of the year Iran practically declared war on the USA, Australian woods were lit and then the infamous COVID 19, and to top it all off the quarantines and lockdowns. This unexpected vacation turned our lives upside down. Our routines were tremendously changed, during the first few days people cleaned there houses and did all pending work around the house, once everything was dusted, cleaned, fixed and repaired people headed towards the couch and sat in front of TV and computers killing hours and hours.

Apart from this people are turned themselves into Masterchefs and were trying to rustle everything and anything up, and believe me, Youtubers are going nuts, they are trying to make everything from scratch with least possible ingredients, they are making pizza without an oven or mayonnaise or cheese or all three of them combined, ice creams are being made without ice and creams, chocolate cakes are formulated without flour, sugar, eggs, substituting cow dung for chocolate (just kidding).

Amidst this outbreak aside from Quarantining together, the whole world was doing one more thing in conjunction. Any guess what it is? Dalgona Coffee. Yes, the notorious Dalgona coffee about which people on the internet were insane making us people off the internet bananas over it. This Korean bad boy was a trend for a while, people were trying to make but were failing miserably at it, instead of getting that thick, bitter, mousse cloud that would have floated on top their glass of milk they were getting a liquidy froth that sank right in.

Apart from all this quarantining has led to a great depletion in the pollution level, the air is cleaner and people are seeing things, some really interesting things which were covered by the pollution but are visible now like the Himalayas are can be from Punjab for the first time in thirty years or the Universal sign which have been branding the Earth since the dawn of time.

Overall this whole phase of isolation was an interesting experience for all of us. If used wisely this period was a great opportunity for people to come out of their shells with a new or enhanced skill but unfortunately for most people, the only skill that seems to be strengthened is the skill of procrastination.

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  1. Haha.. hilarious but true.
    I even tried one of these pizzas without oven thing just the other day.

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