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Inner Faith

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There are several questions that we ask ourselves often when we are confused or unmotivated. Here are a few of them.

1.         Am I good at something?

2.         Why am I born?

3.         How can Steve do this but I can’t?

4.         What is the reason for my existence?

5.         Why don’t I have the iPhone?

If any of the above questions come in your mind, this is the best read for you.

So let’s start with the little things first. The main reason for such a thought is the people around you. People get over the failure if there are cooperative people around them. If you have motivated people around you, it motivates you too. But if you are surrounded by inarticulate and unrealistic people, you are going to definitely feel unmotivated/active(Imaginary).

Note that I have quoted Active as Imaginary. This means you are active in reference to the dumb people but you are actually dumb around motivated people.

There are several scenarios in our life which can give you chance to change your surroundings and friends to be more improved once. Always look for opportunities and grab one if you get a chance. Change is not bad sometimes, I mean nothing is constant in this universe, so why should you be constant. Don’t fear to take any step towards the change and try to initiate the change if you are not getting any opportunity.

If you are going through any trauma or accident, try to involve yourself in other activities and divert your mind from that incident instead of thinking about it and lowering your enthusiasm.

There is a very interesting fact about this universe and that is one energy attracts other energies, so if you are generating negative energy, all you will get is negative people around you but if you are generating positive energy, surely positive people will come around and will appreciate your effort or help you to get over the negative things.

Everyone is a specialist in some things, so if you want the reason for your birth, look around, look for things you have done so far. Those are the reasons for you to believe in you. If you are willing to achieve something and that thing is still not with you, that means you have to work even harder to get it and if you get it, go for the moon.

Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you but to help you realise your hidden potential and power. Let difficulties know that you too are difficult

Avul Pacir Zainulabidin Abdul Kalam – Atomic Scientist and President of India (1931-2015)

Now the very common question is how can Steve do this but I can’t. Well Just as the boat is supposed to float on water and the car is supposed to run on the land and flight is supposed to fly in the sky, likewise, you are supposed to do your own work and Steve is supposed to do his own. Comparing ones’ capability with others is not a very good thing. You can compare a runner with a runner only, you can’t compare a runner with a swimmer and expect the swimmer to swim faster than a runner.

The last thing which I want to talk about is patience. Don’t rush for everything. Some things are supposed to take time and some are meant to complete quickly. The meat gets its best flavor if you barbeque it on a low flame with the perfect amount of ingredients, no more, no less, just perfect amount. You can’t expect to get the best out of meat after roasting it on full flame with all the ingredients put at once. It will burn from the outside but will be raw from the inside. So be ready to give some time for your favorite wish.

Let me know how are my suggestions and understanding about these things. Let me know a similar topic on which you want me to write. Thank you.

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