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“for what lasts an eternity, always are the smallest moments in life. These are the moments we cherish and these are the moments that define our lives.”
– yours loving tj

The stars shine brighter than before, the moon appears closer than the last time I ever witnessed the night sky. The street-lights, light up the darkness of the sleeping town, and the sound of silence consumes every corner of what would’ve been chaos. The cool wind caresses my hair and sends shivers down my spine, as I rest at the edge of this fortified hill. And as far as my eyes can see; it was all peaceful.

With our day to day struggles, we often forget that it’s not about what went wrong, but what beauty is to happen next. We forget to seize moments, enslaved by the norms of society, conformed by their rituals. It gets depressing day in and out leaving nothing but distress. Ever felt that? Ever felt the burden on your shoulders? Ever felt that you’ve had enough of things or people around? Ever been so engrossed with things that don’t make sense to you?

Happens to the very best of us.

We are so engrossed and deeply involved in things that don’t make sense to us that we often forget why we are doing whatever that is we do.

at this point, I would want to ask a question, if I may?

When was the last time you ever did something unexpected that brought joy and peace to you?

Go back to the first paragraph. Read it again and imagine yourself, on top of a hill. The cool wind running its course touching you as if it wants you to fly high in the sky. The stars are so bright that you want to catch them in a jar. The Moon, so close that you could just jump and grasp it. and the town where all your troubles lay, is sleeping, the chaos has ended leaving you with beauty, with love, with happiness and above all leaving you with the company of YOU.

Seize that moment. Make it yours. Live it.

from my travel diaries.

Take a moment to escape what you don’t find amusing. Do things that drive you crazy. Routine your day with stuff that rushes your adrenaline. Become more human.

During this pandemic, things haven’t been the best for any of us but they are far from worse too.

And for the efforts that you’ve made to come so far, I congratulate you. You have been a great source of inspiration for those around. None might say it but believe that out there someone is looking up to you. The way you have fought your battles and the way you’ve seized moments, have made you, who you are.

And to me, you are awesome.

Stay AWESOME! Seize the moment, and live your life. Fight your battles, and cherish life.
In the end, that’s all that matters.

*The above is an excerpt from a project I am working on lately. 


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